How to Keep Diamonds Shiny

How to Keep Diamonds Shiny

Diamonds in its rarity and beauty is a symbol of purity and innocence. Diamonds are pure carbon and are the hardest of any stone. They are clear, but they exist in many colors. Diamonds embraces the strength of character and the one’s emotional aspects. It brings the spiritual energy and positive mental attitude, but most importantly it enhances the physical look of an individual.

Ways to keep Diamond shiny

Diamonds indeed are girl’s best friend and even if your stunning princess’s emeralds or round engagement ring once caused people to put on their sunglasses, over time brightness can fade due to excessive dirt and other everyday grime. So to keep the diamond shiny you need to do few things-

  1. Clean it often to remove lotions, skin dirt which clouds it and works as resistance for shinning
  2. Soak the ring in warm water and scrub it with a soft toothbrush
  3. Don’t use harmful solution. Chlorine and abrasives should never be used while cleaning the diamonds. The most effective way is to use ultrasound cleaner which removes encrusted dirt on the diamond
  4. You can use shampoo and body wash as your diamond cleaner but don’t use moisturizer
  5. Don’t expose the diamond to the sudden temperature change and this is important if the diamond has any inclusions
  6. Don’t let diamonds rub together as they can make the surface rough which eventually decreases its shine

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So by far Diamonds are the purest form to show your love towards anyone and a way to enhance the quality of it. Diamonds are costly, but the right selection of it is worth billions. It is a form of love that keeps shining but to make it shine for long you need to handle it with the same love as it was given. As Diamonds represent faithfulness, love. purity, innocence and a relationship in the form of pure love. It’s a gift to express your appreciation. This natural stone is the most beautiful and powerful substance in the earth

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