Brilliant Earth: An Excellent Example of Quality Recycled Gold & Platinum

Brilliant Earth is committed to sustainability, quality, and elegance. It is an excellent example of perfection and variety when it comes to recycled gold and platinum!

If you want to protect the environment and still look amazing while wearing your jewelry, choosing recycled precious metals is the way to do it.

Brilliant Earth is a one-stop destination for eco-friendly, conflict-free and lab created diamonds, as well as, recycled gold and platinum.

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Brilliant Earth and The Quality it Swears By

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Dirty gold and diamond mining have a long history of labor abuses, wars, and environmental destruction. Gold mining is one of the most environmentally devastating types of mining and hundreds of thousands of gold miners work in dangerous and unsafe working conditions.

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It is time to put an end to all of this and Brilliant Earth is here to encourage you and everyone else to fight against these horrible conditions and standards.The ultimate goal of Brilliant Earth is to help destroy the negative impact of diamond mining, as well as, dirty gold mining by reducing the necessity and demand for mined metals.

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The fine jewelry, Brilliant Earth offers is made with re-refined and recycled precious metals. The re-refined and recycled gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are refined back to their pure elements. These metals are of the same quality as real mined metals, with one significant difference – the level of degradation to the environment caused by mining.

What makes Brilliant Earth Jewelry so special is that fact that they work really hard towards encouraging the recycled content and enhancing reporting regarding the fine jewelry they sell. As a matter of fact, Brilliant Earth was one of the first jewelry stores in the industry to accept to have an independent verification of the supply chain to provide extra analysis that the metals they actually use meet the standards for re-refined and recycled content.


Brilliant Earth and their team of qualified jewelers work with third-party verification systems to validate the amount of recycled content of the precious metals and they continually enhance the systems of their suppliers for sourcing and managing these materials according to their best practices.

The precious metals, Brilliant Earth uses to create breathtaking and beautiful jewelry come from different sources and they are all verified for their recycled content. Some of these sources contain post-consumer materials, including industrial-use metals, existing jewelry, as well as, electronics components, such as material from in-house refining, recycling, and product manufacturing or other sources.

What Differentiates Brilliant Earth from Other Fine Jewelry Stores

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Brilliant Earth encourages you and everyone else to recycle your gold (golden rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces), as well as, platinum jewelry you no longer wear. They will accept and recycle your fine jewelry and they will offer a generous credit you can use to purchase any Brilliant Earth product.

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You can purchase something or an equal or greater value, based on the current metal prices.Brilliant Earth is indeed committed to quality and sustainability throughout the fine jewelry production process. They work to reduce the pressure and the environmental impact to prevent contaminants from being released out there into the environment.

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With Brilliant Earth, you will not only look and feel beautiful and amazing, but you will make one step further to protect the environment and fight against unsafe and dangerous working conditions under which precious stones are mined.

For more information on how to recycle your jewelry with Brilliant Earth or how to use your credit, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Brilliant Earth’s team.

You can contact them via phone or email!


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